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Nameless, hopeless, friendless, alone.

Nameless leads to thoughts of labels,
who am I, What am I, Where,
Must it be stapled to my forehead ?
Must I know myself to live ?

I have no idea who I am,
My name I can not say.
Even tomorrow is just another day.

Hopeless leads on, into my future.
Who am I going to be.
If I do not know who I am,
how can I guess at who I will be ?
Friendless fills the gaps at my confusion,
On what grounds will friendship stand ?

Alone in the darkness,
spinning in the centre of the universe.
Watching the stars revolve around me.
I look out and just on the horizon,
all my answers I see.
My name in stars studs the heavans.

My name is Nameless,
that is me.     

Copyright Jackie Bulner 1999

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All art, all love, all life is relative
Do not compare who you are with others
There is always someone who can make you look small


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Jackie Bulner
Melbourne, Victoria

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