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Domio stared at her, amazed. Soul seekers had a 
chance, a hope. They experienced the pain and 
sufferings of the lost souls, more pain than even he 
would ever know. Yet if they bore that burden for 
their appointed time they too would ascend.
"Who are you?" he demanded, "Who are you to rob 
me of my revenge? Who are you to sacrifice your 
hope to share my torment in death?"
Shala slowly peeled of the darkness that was no 
longer her right to wear. It was like ripping off her 
outer skin, it came with much pain and finally she 
stood, naked before him. She smiled at him; unable 
to make her despair fit any other expression, sitting 
again, she seemed to loose all animation.
"I am the one who shared your torment in life 
Domio. I was in life your wife, the one you did not 
mean kill."
Domio stood, his arms outstretched in a half 
welcoming gesture. He smiled. "I told you that you 
wouldn't escape me."
There was a pause; there was nothing they could say 
to each other. Finally, Domio spoke again. "You 
were always too noble for your own good."
The sun was coming up over- the horizon. It's light 
chased away the last of her comforting darkness. 
Shala shivered. Domio, her murderer, ever 
concerned for her welfare sat beside her and put his 
thin arm around her shoulders.
"Don't be afraid Shala, you're not alone in your 
punishment any more."
Shala watched as the rays of the sun left them both 
naked to the world until justice was given another 
name. She looked at the man she had chosen to chain 
herself to in both life and death, and realised the 
decision made in life had bound her.
Domio smiled at her, and she took the hand he 
offered, taking more comfort from his company in 
death, than she had in life.

Copyright Jackie Bulner 1989

Love Among the Damned

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Jackie Bulner
Melbourne, Victoria

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